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Clean Printhead on HP Officejet Pro X Series Printers X476dn X476dw, X576dw

This is how I manually clean printer head on all HP Officejet Pro X series printers that use HP 970 and 971 ink cartridges.
Liquid cleaning solution: 40% window cleaner, 20% ammonia, 40% hot water.
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Rick Yoder : I have a PageWide 377dw that I did indeed try cleaning manually like this, but on 300gsm matte photo paper, I seem to get roller marks/streaks, even after cleaning the rollers too. The problem is that the printer is supposed to support photo paper weights that thick, but HP won't offer any support since the paper isn't their brand... But I wouldn't be using a different brand if they had MATTE photo paper...

Do you have any suggestions as to what I may be missing from the cleaning process? I definitely cleaned all the rollers I could possibly find with cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol, even the ones on the waste unit/duplexer.
dcc1935 : I folded a water soaked paper towel and laid it under the print head on a folded sheet of dry printer paper. Then I closed the print head and reinstalled the waste ink bin and closed the printer with the power cord removed. Did this about 10 times to fix a blank streak running down the center of printed pages on a 476dw. Wiped print head dry and allowed printer to dry out a few minutes. Printed flawlessly without another head cleaning or recovery. Dry ink clog on the head caused blank or white streaks on printed pages.
206psycho : hola buenas tardes! me sale el error 0xc6fd0813 sabes que puedo hacer? cuanto costaría la reparación??? Saludos.
Max T : Would you have any tips on cleaning the "receiving side" of the mechanism? I am getting zero magenta on the report, which is telling me that it is the nozzle that sucks ink out of the magenta cartridge is actually plugged. Upon removing the ink cartridge and inspecting the nozzle I can clearly see magenta ink all over and around the nozzle, as if the ink couldn't go through the nozzle and just got spit outside. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. The printer service says to go buy a new printer :(
Angelo Cacchione : Was just about to buy a new printer, going to try the soaking for a min.. using non original inks cause these issues ? I currently have one inch white line on yellow on the report. Will post progress shortly

How to Replace Ink Cartridges in the OfficeJet Pro® 8710, 8715, 8720 and 8740

Learn how to replace an HP® 952 ink cartridge in an HP OfficeJet Pro® 8710 printer! In this quick video, we will show you how to check the ink cartridge levels on your printer's display and walk you through the cartridge installation process.

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Alyssa Eriksen : You just saved me so much time and energy! Thank you for this
Sidney Mathious : That is a great video as it helped me in changing my ink cartridges and getting my printer back online. I thank you so much for putting up this video and hope you are having a nice day tomorrow.
Edith Harmon : Thank you so much. You were very clear and straight to the point. Much appreciated.
Reelax Outdoors : As simple a video this might seem, I actually had to watch to figure out how to remove the old cartridge from my 8710. I pulled and pulled for 20 minutes, used my flashlight and inspected inside thinking it was damaged or locked up for some reason.

Watched this video and pressed on the cartridge and it popped out easily. FML
자팔이투나잇 : Thank you I just change 2 cartridge myself ! One quick question is that when I push the ink level button -> any ink level picture , it says print, and next
It says “ depleted cartridge must be replaced to resume printing .
Does this mean I set up the new cartridge on the wrong place ??

Taking Apart HP Officejet Pro X576DW Printer for Parts or Repair

This is a very long video since it is a very big and a very complicated (build) printer. Watch for fun or for instructions! In any case, please like, share, and subscribe!

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#PrinterRepair #Pagewide
Josh Moreorless : Thank you for sharing... I just needed to know how to swap screens on this model. Very Nice Breakdown!
Robert Hsieh : Great video of taking apart this printer.

Could you post a video how to put everything back together again?
NoExpert : Man, thanks a lot for the video!

My 476dw shows the following error code: "C18A00A". Couldn't find anything relating the code.

All LEDs beside the touchscreen are flashing and the printer asks me to restart it.

The tray with the ink cartridges is in the bottom position. Atleast i'm now able to get to them.
Osiel Bomfim : Aí tem que ter fé e coragem
Roboboit : I thought I wanted to do this to clean some ink off the print head that built up from the waste ink tray getting too full, but after watching this video, I'm going to just stick with Q Tips. Guaranteed I'd end up losing ONE screw or breaking a minor plastic piece that is impossible to replace. (Pagewide 477dw)




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