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[Eng.ver] connective ending, -고 VS -아/어서 [Real Korean Class]

-고 and -아/어서 are the connective endings which indicate the time order of two actions. But they are not replaceable. Let's see the difference.

Core meaning
-고: listing→individual actions
-아/어서: cause→ related actions

grammatical differences
-고: s1=s2, s1≠s2, negative (o)
-아/어서:s1=s2 , negative (x)


Basic Korean is for beginners.
Real Korean class is for advanced learners :comparing 2 or more grammatical forms which have similar meaning or function, expressions and phrases, listening contents
a_ galaxy : Hello, dear teacher. Sorry, but I didn't understand why 아/어서 cannot be used in negative form. Is wrong to say "아파서 안 갔어요"?
CJ Liwanag : Hi!

How about this sample sentence below

공부를 안 해서 시험을 못 봤어요.

Is this correct or not?
CapClouderz : I was told that when talking about wearing clothes or accessories, '고' is always used instead of '서', is this correct?
CapClouderz : 예은이가 집에 가고 은빈이는 방을 청수했어요

Thank you for this sentence haha I'm able to remember the example better because of your awesome teaching haha and cleverly putting CLC in your lesson for me
Smailien : Ah, this clears things up for me. 유진 선생님, 많이 감사합니다!
Frank M : 감사합니다
새해 복 많이 받으세요, 유진 씨.
4:01 For "RM은 랩을 하고 제이홉은 춤을 춰요", doesn't "춤" mean "dance", and "춰요 (from 추다)" mean "to dance"? Why is "dancing" mentioned twice at the end of the sentence?
Fluglecheese : 어려운 내용인데 설명을 명확히 해주셨네요. 한국어 버전도 있을 거예요? 감사합니다. 정리하면은 to summarise/to sum up 하시면 될 것 같아요. 감사합니다! 새해 복 많이 받으세요~
Joshua Covel : I've been waiting for this one! Thankyou so much! 잘 가르쳐서 정말 고마워요!
Indra Riswandi : 진짜 세계에서 최고의 한국어 선생님 이네요
evilfairy : 비디오 좋아요 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ❤️

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정상적으로 작동한다고 하던데... 이게 정상적인거맞지요?

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